Frequently Asked Questions

1Does Zamblix taste nice?
Zamblix is available as a pleasant tasting natural cherry liquid and can be mixed with food or drinks. Although Zamblix was strategically formulated to be well tolerated and delicious tasting to most children, due to the natural active ingredients found in Zamblix, some children may not enjoy the taste. If you’re having difficulties, try adding a little fruit juice or just plain water to dilute the flavour.
2Does Zamblix have any side effects?
The active ingredients found in Zamblix have been used in natural medicine since ancient times and have been well study and documented to be safe in the prescribed doses found in Zambilx. As with all-natural products; in very rare cases allergic reactions may occur. If you are concerned about possible side effects, it is important to speak with your healthcare professional.
3Can Zamblix be used during pregnancy?
Although there are no known adverse side effects of Zamblix in women who are pregnant or are breastfeeding, Zamblix is not recommended to be used during pregnancy or lactation. Please see your healthcare professional for further advice.
4Does Zamblix contain gluten, artificial colours or flavours?
Zamblix is free from any added gluten, soy, dairy, sugar, alcohol or artificial colours and flavours.
5Will Zamblix interact with any other medicines?
Zamblix is well tolerated and there are no known interactions with other medicines. If in doubt contact your healthcare professional.
6Does Zamblix contain alcohol?
Zamblix does not contain alcohol.
7Who can take Zamblix?
Zamblix can be given to children 2yr and above. Zamblix can be given to adults. Please note that Zamblix should not be given to infants or children under two years of age without medical advice.
8Where can I find Zamblix?
Zamblix is available thorughout selected pharmacies, health food stores and the online store.
9Will Zamblix cause drowsiness?
Zamblix does not cause drowsiness and is not expected to affect the ability to drive a motor vehicle or operating heavy machinery.
10What should I do if coughing persists?
If coughing persists, consult your healthcare professional as soon as possible.
11Is Zamblix manufactured to the highest possible standards in Australia?
Zamblix is manufactured in a state of the art, pharmaceutical grade, TGA licensed facility in Australia and all processes involved are tightly controlled from the sourcing of the natural ingredients through to the manufacturing and bottling of the final product. Zamblix is rigorously tested a numerous times throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that every bottle of Zamblix adheres to the strictest TGA requirements, ensuring quality and safety.

What do Customers Say?

Zamblix Testimonials

1Cathy (Mother of 2) – SYDNEY
I first used Zamblix for my son who is 3 yrs and I love it. It works well and tastes great. My son was able to sleep and I would not hesitate to use it again. Won't be turning back.
2Betty (Mother of 3) – SYDNEY
Had all my kids home sick with coughs and colds over the school holidays. Zamblix cough syrup worked wonders and I thoroughly recommend it if you are looking for a natural and effective product without the nasty chemicals.
3Sandy (Mother of 1) – MELBOURNE
Zamblix taste great and works for a kid who has a cold/cough in olden. I was happy seeing the ingredients that I had seen in other products but all in one bottle. I haven’t come across any other natural cough syrup that contain all of these ingredients. I strongly recommend for all mums like me :)
4Helen (Mother of 2) – MELBOURNE
Zamblix's pleasant cherry taste made it very easy for the kids to take. I was looking for a natural cough syrup that really works and now that I’ve tried it, it will be our first choice for cough relief and chest pain.
5Janice (Mother of 2) – MELBOURNE
I just love Zamblix. My friend recommended this cough medicine and I have now used it for both of my kids who are under 10yrs. Most cough medicines tastes like "cough medicine", but this "Natural" cough medicine tastes nice. More importantly it works and doesn’t contain chemicals that may have bad side effects.
6Wendy (Mother of 2) – MELBOURNE
Zamblx is a perfect medicine for chesty cough relief. I used it for both of my kids and trust me when I say it worked wonders. The Pharmacy suggested me about Zamblix and it’s natural with no side effects. I love it.
7Max (Father 1) - SYDNEY
Our 3yo was having an ongoing chesty cough recently and would not take any of the prescribed medicines. I had tried some of the natural products with no real effect until I was recommended Zamblix and it worked. I was told that Zamblix combines all of the well known natural ingredients which is why it works. The natural products that I bought only had one or two of these ingredients. Within a few days of taking it, the cough cough completely disappeared. I have no hesitation using the product.
8Samantha (Mother of 2) – MELBOURNE
I first used Zamblix for my son who is 3 yrs and I love it. It works well and tastes great. My son was able to sleep and I would not hesitate to use it again. Won't be turning back.
9Brook (Mother of 1) – SYDNEY
I have a little 4yo who struggles to sleep when he is unwell. Recently he had a bad cough and I tried Zamblix with great results. It soothed his chesty cough within a day and he was able to sleep the next night. It also tastes great and he now asks for it if he feels unwell.. Very happy :)
10Chloe (Mother of 2) – MELBORNE
My workmate advised me to try this cough syrup after I told her that my 4yo daughter had a chesty cold and had been coughing all night. I tried it that day and she slept through the night. This syrup really works! I like the fact that it is natural and I can use it safely.
11Zoe (Mother of 1) – MELBOURNE
Zamblix Cough Syrup actually works. It eases a cough and within a day or so it actually stops a cough! Every household needs this in their pantry. Well done on a great natural product.
12Michelle (Mother 3) – SYDNEY
Zamblix cough syrup works really well for nasty chesty coughs and can be used in children as well as adults. It works quickly and the kids like the taste. My Healthcare Provider recommended it said it is a safe, proven and natural treatment particularly for children's coughs. I used it myself and was surprised how quickly it worked for me.